Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Man Survives 24 Hours in Shark-Infested Seas by Signaling Help with watch



Angler’s solo fishing trip turns into an extraordinary tale of survival off new Zealand coast

Will Fransen, a 61-year-old angler, had a harrowing experience when a solo fishing trip turned into a near-tragedy off New Zealand’s northern island. Falling overboard after hooking a marlin, Will spent almost 24 hours adrift in shark-infested waters before a watch’s reflection played a crucial role in his rescue.

Attempting to swim back to his boat, Will found himself pushed away by strong currents and treading water. Describing the ordeal, he recounted encountering a shark that curiously inspected him but fortunately left him unharmed. As night fell, Will resigned himself to treading water, watching the sunset overhead.

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Miraculously, his near-tragic story took a turn when three fishermen—Max White, James McDonnell, and Tyler Taffs—on a separate fishing trip spotted the reflection of Will’s watch. Describing the rescue as a “series of fortunate events,” James McDonnell explained how they initially noticed a glistening approximately 600 meters away, eventually realizing it was a person in distress.

After rescuing Will, providing water and cranberry juice, the trio rushed him back to land. Will was treated for exhaustion and hypothermia in Whangamatā on the Coromandel Peninsula. Authorities hailed the rescuers’ quick actions, describing it as an “absolute miracle” that Will survived the ordeal.

Will expressed gratitude to the emergency services, while the search for his boat continues at sea.


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