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MAFS Controversy: ‘Gold-Digger’ Bride Parties with Tommy Fury, Admits Life Won’t Return to Normal



Married at first sight’s Laura Vaughan: Inside her rollercoaster ride to love and fame!

The sparks were flying on this season’s ‘Married At First Sight’, and one standout personality was Laura Vaughan. Seeking her perfect ‘Chelsea boy’, this 34-year-old finance manager from Hampshire took the plunge on E4’s show, only to be surprised with her match—Polish Arthur Poremba. The drama ensued.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Laura spilled the tea on her MAFS journey. From a lukewarm start with Arthur to seemingly falling for him and weathering accusations of being a ‘gold digger’ from fellow husbands, Laura’s story kept fans hooked.

But things heated up further when Laura’s friends, Cam and Lucia, criticized her match, leading viewers to switch sides and support Laura instead. She opened up about the challenges of newfound fame, rubbing shoulders with celebs like Tommy Fury but also facing the harsh spotlight of public opinion.

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Watching the show with bated breath, Laura navigated through tough episodes, like the couple’s retreat dinner party, where the husbands didn’t hold back in their criticisms of her behavior towards Arthur.

“I felt drained and lost at that point in the experiment,” Laura confessed. “It was a moment where I felt like I was trying to show who I was, only to have it thrown back at me.”

The rollercoaster continued through the homestay episodes, where tensions peaked between Laura’s pals and Arthur. The fallout left Laura feeling constantly in ‘fight or flight mode’ as her friendships faced public scrutiny.

Despite the storm, Laura expressed immense gratitude for her friends, who had been her support system through a previous divorce. The public, unaware of this history, criticized her for not cutting ties with them.

The drama didn’t end there; Laura found herself at odds with many cast members during intense dinner table debates. However, post-show, she’s formed friendships even with those who had strong opinions against her.

And what about her relationship with Arthur? Despite a tumultuous on-screen marriage, they’ve built a strong friendship post-show.

But Laura’s love life post-MAFS has sparked rumors, being seen cozying up to various personalities like co-star JJ Slater and even partying with Tommy Fury. Laura clarified, “I’m open to love, taking it slow, and rumors will be rumors until I confirm any relationship.”

Professionally, Laura’s not returning to her finance job. Instead, she aims to use her platform to empower women on self-advocacy.

While the show might have ended, Laura’s journey continues. “Life can’t go back to what it was, but I can be more authentic and do what I want,” she shared, relieved to embrace a new normal.”


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