Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Liz Truss honours: gifts, gongs, and controversy unveiled in late resignation honours list



Former PM sparks outrage as controversial list is quietly released by Rishi Sunak

In an unexpected move that has raised eyebrows across the nation, the ex-PM Liz Truss, notorious for her brief stint in Downing Street lasting only 49 days, has doled out a slew of honours, including life peerages, in her resignation honours list. The controversial list, slipped out by current Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has added fuel to the fire of political discontent.

Truss, who faced criticism for her brief tenure and economic mismanagement, handed out three life peerages, including notable figures Matthew Elliott, the brains behind the Vote Leave campaign during the EU referendum, and Jon Moynihan, a prominent Conservative donor. Moynihan, who generously contributed to Truss’s leadership campaign against Sunak, is among those granted the privilege of a seat in the House of Lords for life.

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Ruth Porter, former Deputy Chief-of-Staff to Truss in No10, also joins the list of life peerages, sparking concerns about the opaque nature of the honours system and calls for reform.

In addition to the life peerages, four MPs—Jackie Doyle-Price, Alec Shelbrooke, Robert Butler, and Suzanne Webb—have been bestowed with gongs, further fueling the controversy surrounding Truss’s parting gestures.

Critics, including Labour frontbencher Jonathan Ashworth and Deputy Lib Dem Leader Daisy Cooper, lambasted the list, calling it a testament to Sunak’s weakness and a disregard for the public’s sentiments. Ashworth highlighted the irony of honouring individuals amidst economic turmoil, while Cooper criticized the move as a blow to the credibility of the honours system.

Despite the backlash, Truss expressed delight in honouring those she deems champions of conservative causes. The late release of the resignation honours list alongside the New Year Honours has intensified the debate surrounding the transparency and fairness of the UK’s honours system.


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