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King Charles takes Centre stage amidst royal racism row, delivers pivotal speech on global climate action at Cop28



Monarch addresses world leaders in Dubai, advocating urgent action on climate crisis

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 In a remarkable public appearance at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, King Charles has emerged from the shadows amidst the ongoing royal racism controversy. The monarch, attending the World Climate Action Summit, took the opportunity to advocate for decisive global action on climate change.

This marks the first public appearance of King Charles since he and the Princess of Wales were implicated in the royal race row involving Archie, the first son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The controversy unfolded after their names were allegedly revealed in the Dutch version of the explosive book “Endgame” by royal author Omid Scobie.

Despite the scandal, King Charles focused on the urgent issue of climate change during his opening address at the summit. He expressed concern about the world being “dreadfully far off track” in meeting crucial climate targets and emphasized the need for genuine transformational action. The King urged leaders to view COP28 as a “critical turning point” in the fight against climate change.

Speaking to heads of state, government officials, and climate delegates, King Charles warned about the perilous territory into which human activity is pushing nature. He called for “nature-positive” change and highlighted the risks posed by climate change, citing events like cyclones, wildfires, and floods as clear signs of an ongoing crisis.

The monarch’s speech included a plea for real action to protect the most vulnerable communities, stating, “Surely, real action is required to stem the growing toll of its most vulnerable victims.” King Charles invoked the Paris Agreement, urging leaders to work towards limiting the global temperature rise and preventing further environmental degradation.

The King challenged world leaders with five key questions during the summit, focusing on collaboration between public and private organizations, securing funds for sustainable development, accelerating innovation, adopting long-term approaches, and crafting an ambitious vision for the next century.

COP28, running until December 12, has already seen significant commitments from the UK government, with £1.6 billion pledged for international climate change projects. King Charles’ presence at the conference signifies his commitment to climate action, as he continues to navigate the fallout from the royal racism row.

Closing his speech, King Charles left leaders with a compelling message: “In your hands is an unmissable opportunity to keep our common hope alive. If we act together to safeguard our precious planet, the welfare of all our people will surely follow.” As the summit unfolds, the world watches to see if this call to action will resonate on a global scale.


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