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King Charles embraces controversial past: Accepts patronage from infamous school featured in ‘The Crown’



King Charles accepts patronage from Gordonstoun, the school portrayed harshly in ‘The Crown’, sparking intrigue and reflection on his upbringing

In a surprising turn of events, King Charles has embraced his controversial past by accepting a patronage from Gordonstoun, his former school in Scotland, famously depicted in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. Despite its portrayal as a strict and unforgiving institution, His Majesty has taken on the role of patron of the Gordonstoun Association, a decision made to commemorate the first anniversary of his Coronation, a role previously held by his father, the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Gordonstoun’s portrayal in ‘The Crown’ was far from flattering, painting the school as a place of cruelty and harsh discipline, particularly during Prince Charles’s teenage years. Reports of merciless bullying during his time there have only added to its negative reputation. Interestingly, despite his own experiences, King Charles chose to send his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to Eton College, deviating from the family tradition established by his father, Prince Philip. Prince Harry even suggested in his memoir ‘Spare’ that his father’s struggles stemmed from an unhappy childhood.

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However, King Charles has previously defended his alma mater, describing it as demanding but ultimately beneficial. In a speech in the House of Lords, he refuted common criticisms, emphasizing Gordonstoun’s positive impact on him. The school’s website proudly touts Charles’s statements affirming its positive influence on his development.

The school’s principal, Lisa Kerr, has also pushed back against negative portrayals, debunking myths propagated by the media. Despite its depiction in ‘The Crown’, Gordonstoun maintains that it provided a nurturing environment for its students.


Political Impact:

King Charles’s acceptance of patronage from Gordonstoun may raise questions about his judgment and perception among the public. Critics may view this decision as a dismissal of the school’s problematic history and its portrayal in the media, potentially affecting public opinion of the monarchy.

Social Reflection:

The controversy surrounding Gordonstoun’s reputation highlights broader societal debates about education, discipline, and the treatment of students. The differing perspectives on the school’s ethos and practices reflect broader societal attitudes towards authority and tradition.

Psychological Aspect:

King Charles’s decision to embrace his alma mater despite its negative portrayal suggests a desire to reconcile with his past and perhaps reclaim agency over his narrative. His defence of Gordonstoun may also reflect a personal need to justify his upbringing and experiences.

Sociological Angle:

The debate surrounding Gordonstoun underscores the importance of institutional reputation and the impact of media representation on public perception. The school’s response to negative portrayals reflects broader efforts by institutions to manage their image and reputation in the face of criticism.

Fashion Culture:

While not directly related to fashion, King Charles’s association with Gordonstoun adds a layer of complexity to discussions about identity and heritage. His decision to embrace his alma mater despite its controversial reputation may influence public perceptions of the monarchy’s values and traditions.


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