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King Charles embraces controversial past: Accepts patronage from infamous school featured in ‘The Crown’

King Charles accepts patronage from Gordonstoun, the school portrayed harshly in 'The Crown', sparking intrigue and reflection on his upbringing

Why the royal family released a ‘surprise’ general election statement

The royal family’s unprecedented decision to postpone engagements during the election campaign sparks debate among experts

Australian man claims to be secret love child of King Charles and Queen Camilla, seeks DNA test

Simon Dorante-Day, confident in his royal ancestry, plans legal action during King Charles and Queen Camilla’s upcoming visit to Australia

King Charles and Queen Camilla earn new nicknames at Chelsea Flower Show

Royal children and school kids from London delight monarchs with affectionate monikers during the Chelsea Flower Show

King Charles III surpasses Queen Elizabeth’s wealth, amassing $770 million

King Charles III's wealth has soared to $770 million, making him the 258th wealthiest person in the UK, outpacing his late mother, Queen Elizabeth

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