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iPhone SE 4 rumoured to embrace iPhone 14 design, ditching the home button



Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone SE is set for a significant design overhaul, mirroring the iPhone 14’s aesthetic and possibly integrating Face ID, according to recent leaks

In a move that might signal the end of an era for Apple‘s iconic home button, the upcoming iPhone SE 4 is rumoured to adopt a design closely resembling that of the 2022 iPhone 14. This significant shift was hinted at through leaked case designs on the Chinese social network Weibo, showcasing a device with a full-screen front display and a notch for the selfie camera, suggesting the inclusion of Face ID technology.

The iPhone SE, known for combining advanced internals with older exterior designs to maintain a lower price point, is Apple’s most accessible iPhone, currently priced at $429. Historically, the SE series has preserved the home button, a feature that has disappeared from Apple’s flagship models in favour of full-screen displays and facial recognition technology.

The leak indicates that the iPhone SE 4 will maintain the single-lens camera setup on the back, consistent with previous SE models. This approach allows Apple to offer the essential iPhone experience at a more affordable price point, following the company’s strategy of repurposing older designs and technology to enhance its entry-level offerings.

The last update to the iPhone SE in 2022 saw the integration of the iPhone 13’s processing capabilities into a body reminiscent of the iPhone 8, including features such as 5G support and improved battery life, all while retaining the beloved Touch ID home button. This blend of old and new has been celebrated for providing exceptional value, offering the core iPhone experience without the flagship price tag.

While Apple has not officially commented on these rumours, the speculation comes at a time when anticipation for Apple’s product announcements is traditionally high. The company often reveals updates to its mainline iPhones in the fall, ahead of the holiday season, but has historically introduced new iPhone SE models in the spring, adding weight to the current speculation.

As Apple enthusiasts and the tech industry await official news, the potential for an iPhone SE without a home button marks a significant design evolution for the series, aligning it more closely with the current aesthetic and feature set of Apple’s flagship models. This change, if realized, could attract users looking for the latest design trends without the premium price, further solidifying the iPhone SE’s position as a compelling option in Apple’s lineup


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