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Instagram star spends $175,000 on ‘most painful’ leg lengthening surgery to reach six feet



Yeferson Cossio undergoes extreme procedure for aesthetic transformation

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In a quest for physical transformation, Instagram sensation Yeferson Cossio has revealed his decision to undergo lower limb lengthening surgery, investing a staggering $175,000 to add six inches to his height. The 29-year-old, formerly standing at five-foot-eight, dubbed the procedure the “most painful surgery ever.”

In a video shared on Instagram, Cossio candidly expressed his dissatisfaction with his height, stating, “I’m not a dwarf, nor am I the tallest. Yes, my legs are pretty, but I hate them… I am self-conscious like almost all human beings with some parts of my body, and I have a couple of hundred million pesos to use here to change it.”

The intricate and painful surgery involves breaking the patient’s bone, followed by the insertion of a metal rod. An external device is then employed to gradually lengthen the gap in the bone multiple times a day. The Hospital for Special Surgery explains the process, noting that the body produces new tissue in the gap until the desired bone length is achieved. Patients typically use crutches during the initial phase of the procedure to remain mobile.

Cossio’s surgery, primarily done for “aesthetic” reasons, spanned 152 days, with specialists separating the bones at a rate of one millimeter per day. Post-surgery, Cossio will undergo physical therapy treatments to adapt to his new height.

Addressing his followers, Cossio disclosed, “Two years ago, I had an issue with my legs that I don’t really want to talk about because it’s very personal… But one of the things that had the most impact on me was to do with leg stretching.”

The Instagram star’s journey to six feet is marked by both pain and perseverance, as he undergoes physical therapy to acclimate to his transformed stature.


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