Saturday, July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024
Saturday July 20, 2024

Innovative accommodation or In-Tents? Londoners offer Tents in living room for £68-a-Night



House-hunters express shock at unconventional Airbnb offering, where guests can stay in tents indoors

In a surprising turn of events, Londoners are finding creative solutions to cope with the soaring prices of renting rooms in the capital. House-hunters have been left astonished after discovering tents available for rent in the middle of a living room for £68-a-night. The unique offering comes as a response to the challenging housing market, prompting homeowners to inventively utilize their living spaces.

An Airbnb owner is now providing guests with the opportunity to stay in “romantic” tents within their property. The cost, ranging from £68 to potential discounts of £38, offers a centrally located spot between London’s iconic Mayfair and Covent Garden. The exact location is revealed upon booking.

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Despite the unconventional nature of the arrangement, the tent comes equipped with various amenities, including a kitchen, WiFi, dedicated workspace, air conditioning, washing machine, and a hairdryer. Guests, however, might have to share their sleeping quarters with other visitors, as evidenced by three tents visible in the living room photos. The “tent,” described as “near the tube,” also includes access to a shared bathroom.

Reviews of the tent accommodations on Airbnb showcase a mix of experiences. Some guests commend the location and communication with the host, while others highlight challenges such as cleanliness issues and disturbances from fellow tent-dwellers.

The host, in response to criticism, apologized for the challenges faced by guests during the busy holiday season and pledged improvements in service.

As news of these unconventional living arrangements went viral, social media users expressed their disbelief, with one calling the housing arrangement “insane.” The offering has ignited discussions about the evolving landscape of accommodation options and the lengths people are willing to go to find affordable places to stay in a bustling city like London.


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