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Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

How to spice up your yoga routine: 6 couples poses for a deeper connection and stretch



Check out the latest craze sweeping through Instagram and TikTok: Couples yoga poses. They’re everywhere, but if you’ve seen the videos, you know they might not always look as serene as your typical solo child’s pose.

However, there’s more depth to couples yoga than just trendy challenges. According to yoga and meditation teacher Bhavini Vyas, practising yoga with a partner, friend, or even a stranger you meet on the mat can bring numerous benefits.

While it seems like partner yoga is a new invention, it actually traces back to ancient Tantric practices. And believe it or not, you can harness the advantages of couples yoga without physical touch. Vyas assures that the connection you establish in class with fellow practitioners can be as profound as physical contact. Here’s what couples yoga might entail:

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**Practising alongside each other

**Simultaneously flowing through yoga sequences and poses

**Assisting each other to enhance or stabilise poses

**Utilising each other’s bodies for support during stretches

**Engaging in lifts, balances, and shapes together

But why dive into couples yoga? Vyas sheds light on the benefits:

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Deepens your connection

“Yoga’s essence is union—of body, mind, and spirit,” says Vyas. “But it extends beyond the individual, fostering trust and bonding with others. Sharing this experience enhances connections and relationships, both physically and energetically.”

Improves communication

Yoga with a partner demands heightened verbal and non-verbal communication, creating mutual respect and mindfulness towards others’ experiences. This mindfulness extends beyond the mat, enriching everyday relationships.

Promotes teamwork

Beyond shared space, couples yoga celebrates diverse abilities and skills, fostering collaboration and cooperation.

Enhances flexibility

Working together in poses can deepen stretches and improve balance and stability.

And perhaps most importantly:

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It’s fun

“Practising with others is a joyous interaction, promoting social connection and shared goals,” says Vyas.

But how do you ensure safety when practising couples yoga? Vyas offers some guidelines:

**Communication is key, setting expectations and respecting each other’s boundaries.

**Warm-up exercises are crucial for mobility and injury prevention.

**Adjustments should be gradual, with consent, and gentle—never forceful.

**Support your partner physically and consider using props like blocks or straps.

**Sync your breath for deeper connection and relaxation.

**Listen actively, respecting when to transition out of a pose.

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Interested in trying some couples yoga poses? Here are a few to get started:

Pranayama or breathwork: Sync your breath with your partner for a deep union.

Forward folds (paschimottanasana): Stretch while facing each other, gently assisting in deeper stretches.

Boat pose (naukasana): Strengthen your abs and your relationship together.

Tree pose (vriksana): Find balance and connection while standing side by side.

Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose (ardha matsyendrasana): Twist and laugh together for a stronger bond.

Downward facing dog (adho mukho svanasana): Explore strength and surrender, deepening trust and chemistry.

Remember, practising safely and with communication is key to enjoying the benefits of couples yoga!


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