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Horizon scandal: Sunak considers clearing postmasters in dramatic turnaround



Amid mounting pressure, the government is contemplating the exoneration of over 700 Post Office branch managers entangled in the Horizon scandal. This scandal erupted when faulty accounting software erroneously indicated missing funds from their branches, leading to criminal convictions.

The recent airing of the dramatic series, “Mr Bates vs the Post Office,” has reignited attention on this issue, prompting the Metropolitan Police to confirm a criminal investigation into the Post Office shortly after the program’s broadcast.

In an interview with the BBC’s “Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg” show, Rishi Sunak hinted at potential exoneration for the affected postmasters. He revealed that the justice secretary is exploring avenues to address these matters. Sunak emphasised the appalling miscarriage of justice experienced by those affected, acknowledging the need for rightful justice and the ongoing compensation schemes.

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The government has already disbursed approximately £150 million to thousands affected by this scandal, offering interim payments of up to £600,000. Sunak urged affected individuals to step forward and utilise the three different compensation schemes available.

However, victims of the Horizon scandal remain deeply distressed, describing their journey for compensation as akin to a relentless battle. Lee Castleton, a former sub-postmaster bankrupted by this ordeal, highlighted the trauma endured by victims. He raised concerns about the difficulty in navigating the compensation schemes, expressing dissatisfaction with legal representation and the entities responsible for compensation disbursement.

The plight of those affected by the Horizon scandal continues, marked by a struggle for justice and fair recompense amidst legal complexities and bureaucratic hurdles.


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