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Holy matrimony mishap: Keanu Reeves unearths secret ‘marriage’ to Winona Ryder after 30 years



John Wick star reveals accidental wedding in Hollywood blockbuster – Were they inadvertently hitched?

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When it comes to marriage, most people are acutely aware when they tie the knot. However, Keanu Reeves, everyone’s favourite good guy, recently hinted at a potential 30-year marriage to the gothic dream, Winona Ryder, all thanks to a movie they did together.

Known for his niceness in Hollywood, Reeves spilled the beans about a possible accidental wedding during the filming of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992. In an interview with Esquire, Reeves explained, “We did a whole take of a marriage ceremony with real priests. Winona says we are. Coppola says we are. So, I guess we’re married under the eyes of God.”

Ryder had previously mentioned this incident in 2018 while filming Destination Wedding. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she exclaimed, “We actually got married in Dracula. No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life. In that scene, Francis used a real Romanian priest. We shot the master, and he did the whole thing. So, I think we’re married.”

The Hollywood duo, known for their chemistry on and off-screen, worked together on various projects, including A Scanner Darkly, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, and the aforementioned Dracula and Destination Wedding. It appears their accidental ‘marriage’ isn’t the only connection they share.

While fans have long speculated about their ‘big, healthy’ crushes on each other, both Reeves and Ryder have been in other relationships throughout the years. Ryder was in a public relationship with Johnny Depp during the Dracula days and has been with Scott Mackinlay-Hahn since 2011. Reeves, on the other hand, had a tragic relationship with Jennifer Syme and has been in a relationship with visual artist Alexandra Grant since 2018.

Despite their individual journeys, neither Reeves nor Ryder has tied the knot with anyone else, leaving the accidental ‘marriage’ in Bram Stoker’s Dracula lingering as an unexpected twist in their Hollywood tale.

As fans ponder the intricacies of this accidental union, one thing is for sure – the revelation adds a new layer of charm to the enduring friendship and connection between Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.


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