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Holly Ramsay’s romantic gesture: Matching tattoo unveiled to longtime beau Adam Peaty, three years post ‘strictly’ spark



Holly Ramsay, 24, and Adam Peaty, 29, have been an item for a solid three years now. The latest buzz? Matching tattoos, unveiled just last week, seem to mark their relationship reaching new heights.

Their love story kicked off in 2021, sparked by their meeting on Strictly Come Dancing. Adam was strutting his stuff on the dance floor opposite Holly’s younger sister, Tilly, 22. Since then, they’ve flaunted their romance openly, with Adam even declaring his profound affection on social media with a heartfelt ‘I love you so much.’

June was the month they made it official, stepping out publicly as a couple. Then, four months down the line, engagement rumours sparked when eagle-eyed observers noticed a ring adorning Holly’s finger.

The recent birthday bash for the Olympic champ saw him lounging in the Ramsays’ Cornish retreat’s infinity pool, a favoured spot during the festive season. But the real showstopper? Matching tattoos—a bold ‘H’ on Adam’s chest and an ‘A’ discreetly placed behind Holly’s ear, peeking out from beneath her piercings.

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Their Insta game was on point too, with Holly gushing over Adam in a series of posts. Glam shots of Holly in a sequined dress, adoringly staring at her beau during a lavish night out, set the tone. And let’s not forget the playful mirror selfies, both donning matching beige robes, or the picturesque poolside moments and Adam’s antics with a Spider-Man mask.

The digital realm has been their love playground, with affectionate posts proclaiming a love that’s ‘forever.’ A weekend getaway showcased their bliss, with Holly flashing a dazzling ring on that finger, fueling engagement speculations even more.

Their journey together has been quite the whirlwind. From attending the launch of her famous chef father Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant, Lucky Cat, to a loved-up escapade in Rome, all chronicled eagerly for their followers. They even made a pit stop at Holly’s family abode in Cornwall, bonding with her younger brother Oscar, four.

Their story started with Adam taking notice of Holly’s captivating photos on Instagram, sparking a conversation that eventually led to their beautiful romance. Ah, love in the digital age!


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