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Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

Growing concerns over AI’s role in the adult entertainment industry



As the first cyber brothel launches in Berlin, the integration of AI in adult entertainment sparks ethical, social, and psychological debates

In Berlin, the world’s first cyber brothel is set to open, offering customers the chance to spend time with AI sex dolls. This innovative service allows users to interact both verbally and physically with the AI dolls. Philipp Fussenegger, founder of Cybrothel, notes that many people prefer sharing private matters with a machine, which doesn’t judge them. He emphasizes that the demand for AI interaction has grown significantly, surpassing the previous interest in voice actress-enhanced dolls.

This development represents just one facet of the expanding use of generative AI in the adult entertainment industry. According to SplitMetrics, AI companion apps have been downloaded 225 million times from the Google Play Store. Thomas Kriebernegg, general manager at SplitMetrics, predicts that this trend will lead to further innovation and monetization in the sector.

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AI companions are proving to be highly profitable. Misha Rykov, a privacy researcher at Mozilla, highlights the business model’s potential, pointing out that many chatbots charge fees while collecting and sharing personal data with advertisers. Despite the lucrative opportunities, the merger of AI and adult entertainment has raised significant concerns.

Dr Kerry McInerney from the University of Cambridge warns about the biases inherent in generative AI, which can perpetuate retrograde gender stereotypes and ignore diverse sexual experiences. Rykov adds that AI chatbots often target lonely individuals, particularly men, and pose a high risk of addiction, especially for those with mental health challenges. Mozilla has issued content warnings for several AI chatbots due to themes of abuse, violence, and underage relationships.

Privacy issues also loom large. Partnership chatbots collect vast amounts of personal data, with 90% of reviewed apps sharing or selling this data, and over half not allowing users to delete it. Concerns extend to the potential impact on real-world relationships. Tamara Hoyton from the counselling service Relate notes that reliance on AI porn might lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment in real encounters. She cautions that AI porn could foster dangerous assumptions about consent and entitlement.

Some believe AI could replace human sex workers, while others see it as a tool to enhance rather than replace the sexual experience. Philipp Hamburger, head of AI at Lovehoney, stresses the importance of this distinction. Ruben Cruz, co-founder of The Clueless Agency, which created AI influencer Aitana Lopez, argues that AI can mitigate ethical concerns by producing explicit content without involving real people. He envisions a future where no person needs to be explicitly sexualized.


Political Impact: The integration of AI in the adult entertainment industry is likely to attract regulatory scrutiny. Governments may need to establish new laws to address ethical and privacy concerns. Political debates could center around the protection of personal data and the prevention of exploitative practices, potentially leading to stricter regulations.

Social Reflection: The rise of AI in adult entertainment reflects broader societal trends towards digital intimacy and the commodification of human-like interactions. It raises questions about the nature of relationships and the increasing reliance on technology for personal satisfaction. The shift also mirrors ongoing debates about the ethical implications of AI and the need for responsible development.

Psychological Aspect: AI in adult entertainment poses psychological risks, including addiction and distorted perceptions of human relationships. Users may develop unrealistic expectations, leading to dissatisfaction in real-life interactions. Additionally, the targeted use of AI chatbots towards vulnerable individuals could exacerbate mental health issues.

Sociological Angle: The sociological impact includes changing dynamics in human sexuality and intimacy. As AI companions become more prevalent, traditional notions of relationships may evolve. This shift could lead to a redefinition of social norms and the way people form and maintain connections. The ethical concerns surrounding data privacy and consent also highlight the need for societal discussions on the responsible use of AI.

Fashion Culture: While AI in adult entertainment may not directly influence fashion culture, it does intersect with broader cultural trends towards the acceptance of AI and technology in daily life. The development of lifelike AI dolls and companions may spur innovation in other industries, including fashion, where technology increasingly plays a role in design and consumer experiences


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