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Friday July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024

Former pilot Greg Lynn found guilty of Carol Clay’s murder, acquitted in Russell Hill’s death



Greg lynn, a former Jetstar pilot, was convicted of murdering Camper Carol Clay but cleared of charges in the death of her partner Russell Hill

Former Jetstar pilot Gregory Stuart Lynn, 57, has been found guilty of murdering Carol Clay but acquitted of murdering her partner, Russell Hill. This verdict concludes a high-profile trial that has drawn significant public interest. Over the past five weeks, the court examined the details surrounding the disappearance of the couple during a camping trip in Victoria’s remote High Country in March 2020.

Lynn stood trial for the deaths of Hill, 74, and Clay, 73, who vanished from Bucks Camp in the Wonnangatta Valley. The jury found Lynn guilty of murdering Clay after a dispute but not guilty of Hill’s murder. On Tuesday, Lynn appeared in court, emotionless as the jury delivered its mixed verdict. His son, Geordie Lynn, attended the session but left silently, avoiding media questions.

The prosecution, led by Daniel Porceddu, argued that Lynn killed the couple intentionally. They suggested that a dispute led to the fatal encounter, with Clay being shot in the head. The prosecution contended that Lynn’s actions to conceal his involvement, such as burning the campsite and hiding the bodies, indicated his guilt.

Lynn’s defence presented a different narrative. They claimed that an argument with Hill escalated when Hill accused Lynn of hunting too close to their camp. According to Lynn, Hill took his shotgun, leading to a struggle during which the weapon discharged accidentally, killing Clay. Lynn asserted that Hill then attacked him with a knife, resulting in Hill’s accidental death during their scuffle.

Lynn admitted to hiding his involvement due to fear of being wrongfully blamed. He confessed to burning the campsite and disposing of the bodies of the Union Spur track. His defence argued that the prosecution failed to disprove Lynn’s account beyond a reasonable doubt, emphasizing his lack of intent to murder.

After the verdict, neither the prosecution nor the defence commented on potential appeals. Lynn’s barrister, Michael McGrath, left the courthouse without addressing the press. The Hill family, avoiding the media, plans to release a statement through Victoria Police.

The case has highlighted the complexities of proving intent in murder trials and the challenges faced by investigative bodies in solving such cases. Police praised the families for their resilience and thanked the detectives for their determination throughout the investigation.


Political: This case impacts the political landscape, particularly concerning the effectiveness and transparency of law enforcement and judicial processes in high-profile cases. It underscores the need for robust investigative protocols and the challenges in ensuring justice in complex cases. Politicians may use this case to push for reforms in how such investigations are conducted and presented in court.

Social: Socially, the trial has drawn attention to the emotional and psychological toll on the families involved. The public’s interest in the case reflects societal concerns about safety, justice, and the impact of violent crimes on communities. The trial’s outcome may influence public trust in the legal system and highlight the need for support systems for victims’ families.

Racial: While the case does not directly involve racial issues, it indirectly touches on the broader societal conversations about equal justice and whether the legal system treats all individuals fairly regardless of background. It raises questions about the consistency and impartiality of legal proceedings.

Gender: The gender dynamics in this case, involving a male perpetrator and a female victim, may contribute to ongoing discussions about gender-based violence. It highlights the vulnerability of women in isolated settings and the importance of addressing gender biases in the legal process and societal perceptions of such crimes.

Economical: Economically, the case has implications for the costs associated with prolonged investigations and trials. It also indirectly affects Jetstar and the aviation industry, as Lynn’s previous employment with the airline has brought additional scrutiny and potential reputational impacts. The resources allocated to solving and prosecuting such cases are substantial, emphasizing the need for efficient use of public funds.


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