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Former Trump spokeswoman details 2016 campaign crisis management in court

Hope hicks testifies on Trump campaign's efforts to counter damaging stories, as Trump faces 34 felony charges

Harvey Weinstein’s accusers demand retrial following overturned conviction

Weinstein's overturned rape conviction has provoked outrage among survivors and advocates

Jury rules 1981 Stardust nightclub fire that killed 48 an unlawful killing

In a historic verdict, a Dublin jury has determined that the tragic Stardust nightclub fire, which claimed 48 lives

UK court upholds school’s ban on prayer rituals, citing policy acceptance

A Muslim student's legal challenge against Michaela Community School's prayer ban has been dismissed by the court, affirming the school's policy framework

Trump’s legal team contests “unconstitutional” bond requirement in civil fraud case

Efforts to secure a $464 million bond face hurdles as the deadline looms, with asset seizure on the line

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