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Gabbie Hanna’s mysterious vanishing act sparks alarm amongst fans – What’s behind the silence?



Social media sensation leaves followers in the dark for nearly a year, prompting concerns and speculations

Social media luminary Gabbie Hanna, boasting a massive 7.9 million following on TikTok, has left her fans in a state of anxiety with her unexplained disappearance from the online realm for almost a year.

The influencer, who previously set off alarms by bombarding her TikTok account with a hundred videos within 24 hours, touched on various controversial subjects, including religion, death, conspiracy theories, the universe, and mental health. Despite reassurances of her well-being, concerned fans went to the extent of alerting the authorities for a wellness check.

In one particularly alarming video, Hanna can be seen screaming into her mirror, pleading for help, while another portrays her joyously announcing her journey to heaven through dance. Although she claimed to have ‘passed’ a wellness check, the prolonged social media silence spanning nine months has only heightened the anxiety among her followers.

Notably, even her Instagram account, where she expressed a desire to focus on art rather than TikTok, has seen no activity in the past nine months. Fans are now voicing their apprehensions over the unexplained hiatus, with one concerned follower stating, “Gabbie, are you okay hun? It’s been a long time since you posted.”

Speculations arose from Hanna’s appearance on Prince Ea’s podcast Sauna Sessions in March, where she candidly discussed her evolving views on social media. Expressing dissatisfaction, she hinted at contemplating the deletion of her accounts, particularly singling out TikTok as a “cesspool of the worst of the worst.” She questioned the authenticity of the fame and followership culture, stating, “I don’t think any of us were meant to be ‘famous’ or idolize ourselves in that way.”


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