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Tiktok star’s ingenious revenge: former waiter turns tables on unfair bosses



Social media powerhouse @its.Marianne.Faith shares how followers seek justice against unjust employers

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TikTok sensation @its.marianne.faith, boasting 3.3 million followers, recently revealed how she orchestrated ‘revenge’ against former bosses who treated her unfairly during her tenure as a server at a Mexican restaurant.

In a TikTok video amassing over a million views, Marianne detailed an incident that led to her departure. A group of customers overstayed after closing, leading to escalating tensions, police involvement, and ultimately, Marianne quitting her job.

Despite staff’s intent to press charges against the unruly customers, who Marianne claims engaged in aggressive behavior, the situation took a dark turn when it was revealed they were friends with the restaurant’s owner. The owner sided with the customers, preventing charges and branding the entire ordeal a ‘misunderstanding.’

Feeling unsafe at work, Marianne quit her job, only to share her story on TikTok years later. Her massive following, incensed by the mistreatment, swiftly sought revenge on her behalf.

@its.marianne.faith TikTok Video After identifying the restaurant, Marianne’s followers bombarded its Facebook page, posted negative reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google, and even trolled the restaurant with relentless calls. The sustained effort forced the restaurant to unplug phones for over a week and eventually take down review sites as ratings plummeted to one or two stars.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Marianne shared, “Five years later, the restaurant’s still there… but it is kind of my own little story of revenge or karma or justice even because those bosses had the opportunity to do the right thing and really have the backs of the little people… But they all kind of told us to shove it.”


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