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Former prison Governor reveals shocking Inmate Tactics to ‘Degrade and Abuse’ staff



Insights into the disturbing world of prison life as ex-governor exposes dangerous tactics employed by inmates

In a revealing conversation with LADbible, former prison governor Vanessa Frake has shed light on the disturbing methods inmates employ to torment and degrade staff members within the prison walls. Frake, drawing from her extensive career, disclosed the dangerous situations she encountered and the constant vigilance required to maintain order in the volatile environment.

Frake highlighted the inevitability of contraband finding its way into the prison, transforming everyday items into potential weapons. From toothbrushes to tins of tuna, inmates demonstrated resourcefulness in crafting tools that posed a threat to staff safety. The former governor emphasized the challenges of remaining vigilant and prepared for sudden conflicts, given the unpredictable nature of prison life.

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When questioned about instances where she feared for her safety, Frake reflected on an unsettling experience. Addressing an abusive prisoner who targeted female staff with sexual innuendos, Frake implemented a basic regime to curb the inappropriate behavior. In response, the inmate resorted to one of the most degrading tactics witnessed within the prison—’potting.’

Frake described ‘potting’ as a method wherein inmates concoct a mixture of feces and urine in a bottle, letting it ferment, and then using it as a projectile to humiliate and degrade staff members. Recounting a specific incident, she narrated how a concerned fellow prisoner warned her of a threat, leading her to confront the aggressor. Despite facing an alarming situation, Frake remained resolute in ensuring the safety of her staff and swiftly dealt with the offender by placing him in segregation.

The shocking revelations provide a glimpse into the challenging and often perilous reality faced by prison staff, emphasizing the need for constant vigilance and strategic measures to maintain order within correctional facilities.


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