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Tag: Prison

Australian whistleblower David McBride sentenced amid controversial war crimes exposures

David McBride faces imprisonment for his role in revealing alleged war crimes in Afghanistan

Former NSA employee sentenced to 22 years for attempted espionage

Jareh Sebastian Dalke receives a near 22-year prison sentence for trying to sell classified U.S. Secrets to a supposed Russian agent

R. Kelly to remain in prison following appeal denial

Updates on R. Kelly's legal battles and imprisonment after recent appeal denial on his 20-year sentence

Alex Murdaugh receives 40-year sentence for federal financial crimes

Following his convictions for murder, Alex Murdaugh now faces decades more in prison after pleading guilty to a series of financial wrongdoings

Ian Huntley behind bars: A glimpse into his life in prison

Two decades after the Soham murders, Ian Huntley's prison life reveals changing personas and harrowing challenges

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