Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Fitbit Charge 6: The must-have fitness tracker that’s ruling the new year!



New year, new fitness goals, and guess what’s still riding high as a go-to gadget? Fitness trackers! These babies are making a comeback post-holidays, and one of the frontrunners in this game is the Fitbit Charge 6. It’s been causing quite a stir in the fitness tracker world, and for good reason.

Fitbit has been leading the pack with top-quality products that don’t make your wallet cry. The Charge 6, priced at £119, is almost half the cost of an Apple Watch, yet it’s still ruling the roost. We’ve taken the time to put this device through its paces to see what makes it such a standout.

Integration Galore

One of the key elements driving the Charge 6’s success is its seamless integration with apps like Google Wallet, Google Maps, and a sprinkle of YouTube Music. While the music part might not be a game-changer (you’ll still need your phone handy), having Google Wallet and Maps on your wrist is a whole new level of convenience.

Imagine swiping your wrist to pay for your coffee or get those groceries – no fuss with cash or cards. Plus, Google Maps giving you turn-by-turn directions right on your wrist when your phone’s close by? That’s a game-changer for sure.

New and Improved

But wait, there’s more! The Charge 6 isn’t just about the Google goodies. Fitbit claims its heart rate sensor is a whopping 60% more accurate than its predecessor, the Charge 5. While I can’t whip out a lab coat to verify this, compared to several dedicated sports watches, the differences are negligible.

Better heart rate readings mean better insights into your workouts. And here’s a nifty trick – you can broadcast your heart rate to devices like Peloton bikes or anything that plays nice with Bluetooth heart rate connections.

On top of that, there are 20 additional exercise modes on the Charge 6, making it a grand total of 40 at your fingertips. Talk about options!

The software upgrades are nothing to scoff at either – setting pace alerts straight from your wrist and the return of the back button (which went missing in the Charge 5) make navigating this device a breeze.

Fitbit Charge 6 Essentials

Essentially, it’s still packing those high-tech sensors like EDA and ECG, along with SpO2 monitoring. The device recognizes your activities automatically – whether you’re walking, running, or biking (though biking needs a quick setup in the settings).

It’s slick and comes in three colours – Obsidian, Coral, and Porcelain – each with its own style. Plus, there’s an ocean-woven sports band for that extra oomph during workouts, but the Charge 6 comes with the Infinity band as standard.

In terms of looks, it’s the same sleek design as before. The display is vibrant and seamlessly blends into the strap. Although, if you’re used to larger screens, the Charge 6 might require a little squinting, especially for detailed metrics you’ll want to check in the app.

The sleep tracking is impressive, but to unlock all the data, you’ll need Fitbit Premium. The good news? They throw in six months free when you buy the Charge 6.

Battery life is solid – you’ll get that promised seven days if you’re not glued to the screen. Even with GPS use and everyday activities, it easily clocks more than four days.

Sure, the GPS might not be as pinpoint as some pricier competitors, but considering the cost difference, it’s a small compromise.

The only downside? Charging is a bit of a hassle with that proprietary magnetic cable they provide.


Looking for a lightweight, unobtrusive tracker to keep tabs on your fitness journey post-New Year? The Fitbit Charge 6 might just be your perfect match. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, making it a solid choice to kickstart those 2024 fitness resolutions.


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