Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

FBI’s long-sought fugitive found wrapped in chains at the bottom of Kentucky lake



Decades-old enigma cracked as UK gossip site delves into the twists of Roger Parham’s disappearance

In a chilling revelation that echoes a crime novel, the body of a man found encased in tire chains at the depths of Lake Barkley in Lyon County, Kentucky, has finally been identified after 24 years of obscurity.

Back in 1999, two fishermen stumbled upon the macabre discovery, sparking a mystery that would baffle investigators for decades. The unidentified victim, concealed with heavy tire chains and anchored by a hydraulic jack, remained an enigma despite extensive forensic efforts.

Fast forward to 2023, and the Kentucky State Police, partnering with the private forensic lab Othram Inc., deployed cutting-edge genetic testing to unlock the secrets of the remains. The breakthrough came as genealogy testing revealed a familial link, leading investigators to identify the deceased as 52-year-old Roger Dale Parham.

Unveiling the past, it was discovered that Parham, who had been living in Fort Smith, Arkansas, had a troubled history. Facing criminal charges, including a 1998 arrest for rape involving a minor, Parham mysteriously vanished in March 1999, just before his scheduled trial.

The FBI, relentless in pursuit, escalated the charges against Parham, prompting an extensive search for the fugitive. Until this year, Parham’s whereabouts remained elusive, with speculations even suggesting a possible escape to Mexico.

However, the circumstances surrounding Parham’s demise raise more questions than answers. The lack of a determined cause of death, coupled with the peculiar method of disposal, has led investigators to treat the case as a homicide.

As the UK gossip mill turns its attention to this transatlantic saga, the question lingers: Did Parham meet a sinister end, or is there more to this mystery than meets the eye?


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