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Netflix series ‘the keepers’ spurs FBI to reopen unsolved killing case and exhume victim’s body



Joyce Malecki’s mysterious murder takes center stage after link to ‘the keepers’ documentary

While Netflix is renowned for its festive flicks and entertaining dramas, one of its shows is now taking a more serious turn as the FBI reopens an unsolved killing case featured in the popular 2017 series ‘The Keepers.’

Joyce Malecki, last seen in November 1969 at a Baltimore mall doing Christmas shopping, vanished without a trace. Days later, her lifeless body, determined to have been strangled, was discovered on a nearby military base. The circumstances mirrored the slaying of Sister Cathy Cesnik, whose story was explored in ‘The Keepers.’

The FBI’s decision to reopen Malecki’s case and exhume her body comes after recent speculation connecting her disappearance to Cesnik’s murder. The eerily similar circumstances surrounding their deaths have raised questions about a potential link.

Kurt Wolfgang, executive director of the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, confirmed the planned exhumation, stating investigators intend to extract DNA from Malecki’s remains. While the purpose of this effort remains unclear, Wolfgang emphasized the family’s desire for justice, even after 54 years.

“They want justice out of this thing. Even though it was 54 years ago, it would certainly help them to know what happened,” Wolfgang said.

Despite limited information from the FBI about developments in the case, the decision to reopen Malecki’s investigation marks a significant step in unraveling the mysteries surrounding her tragic death.

A spokesperson for the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office declined to comment, citing respect for the ongoing investigation.


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