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Extraordinary mom stuns the internet with 14 kids in 21 years – a Christmas miracle



Sarah Wolfgramm’s whirlwind journey of motherhood leaves everyone amazed

In a heartwarming and astonishing revelation, Sarah Wolfgramm, a supermom with an incredible journey of motherhood, has captivated the internet. A video shared by music band 13 Crowns on Instagram showcases Sarah posing with each of her 14 children, unveiling a remarkable story that spans 21 years.

The incredible timeline began in 1996 when Sarah, at the age of 20, welcomed her first child. The subsequent years saw a beautiful cascade of new additions to the Wolfgramm family, with Sarah embracing motherhood at different stages of her life.

Despite facing challenges and experiencing a heartbreaking loss in 2014 when Sarah was 38, the resilient mom continued to expand her family. The post commemorates her thirteenth child’s birth in 2015, and the fourteenth, a testament to love and perseverance, arrived in 2017 when Sarah was 42.

The post on Instagram reads: “Our mom is amazing! #family #bigfamily #familyreels #siblings #bigfamilylife.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Sarah shared insights into her unique family dynamic, emphasizing the strength and support they find in each other. The family, often referred to as ’13 crowns and a halo,’ draws inspiration from the music band 13 Crowns, formed by the seven eldest siblings, led by their dad, Haini, who was part of The Jets.

Reflecting on her extraordinary journey, Sarah said, “Having a big family for us, it’s not for everyone. I’ve been blessed physically. I look back and think, ‘How was I pregnant for 21 years?’ And lactate, I nursed them all.”

Acknowledging the challenges, Sarah added, “Are we the perfect family? No. We have trials upon trials. As big as the blessings are, that’s how big the trials are. But those are the hurdles we have to cross in life. And I think the great thing is that we have each other as a support system and as a resource of community and love. And that’s what a big family is for us.”

This heartwarming tale of resilience, love, and family spirit has undoubtedly left people across the globe in awe of Sarah Wolfgramm’s extraordinary journey through motherhood.


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