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Exclusive revelations: Star-studded list unveiled in Jeffrey Epstein’s unsealed documents – Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and Stephen Hawking among them



Startling revelations have emerged in recent court documents, exposing a web of connections between renowned figures and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Among the names unearthed in the newly released filings are prominent personalities like Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Cate Blanchett, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The disclosure comes following a New York judge’s order to unveil these bombshell files, pertaining to the 2015 defamation case initiated by Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s crucial to note that while these documents mention over 100 names, there’s no implication of wrongdoing for many of those listed.

High-profile figures, including Prince Andrew, are named in these documents, which contain a series of troubling allegations. One such claim is that Prince Andrew allegedly participated in an “underage orgy.” An unnamed individual, understood to be Giuffre, was allegedly coerced by Epstein into having sexual relations with the Prince, fulfilling his demands.

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Moreover, these documents detail allegations that Maxwell acted as a facilitator, enabling Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse by serving as a ‘madame’ for Epstein. It’s alleged that Giuffre, referred to as Jane Doe 3, was essentially kept as a sex slave by Epstein, being forced into sexual encounters with the Prince at various locations when she was a minor.

The incidents are reported to have occurred in London, New York, and Epstein’s private island. Epstein purportedly instructed Giuffre to comply with the Prince’s demands and report back to him on the details of the abuse.

Other significant mentions in the documents involve former US President Bill Clinton, with claims that Epstein insinuated Clinton’s penchant for younger individuals but denied any visit to the infamous island. The documents also delve into Maxwell’s frantic email exchanges in 2015, discussing her connections to Clinton and Prince Andrew, among others.

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Furthermore, the newly released documents also involve allegations against renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, denying his involvement in certain activities suggested by Epstein. Accuser Johanna Sjoberg mentions encounters with Michael Jackson at Epstein’s Florida mansion but refutes giving him a massage.

In passing, names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and Bruce Willis appear in discussions that don’t suggest any wrongdoing on their part. These celebrities briefly surface in conversations between individuals during legal proceedings, highlighting Epstein’s penchant for name-dropping Hollywood stars.

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Donald Trump, another former US President, finds mention in one of the depositions, where it’s claimed that Epstein proposed contacting Trump during an unscheduled visit to Atlantic City. However, it’s important to note that Trump distanced himself from Epstein following the latter’s arrest in 2019.

Additionally, the documents include encounters with magician David Copperfield at Epstein’s residence, where discussions reportedly centred on the recruitment of young girls.

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These revelations form part of a continuing release of documents from the 2015 defamation case. While some involved in the trial have been identified, the court ruled for the disclosure of more than 150 ‘John and Jane Does’ mentioned in the filings linked to Epstein.

Notably, Giuffre settled a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in 2022 for a reported £10 million, despite his consistent denial of the allegations against him. Epstein’s death in 2019 while awaiting trial and Maxwell’s current imprisonment on sex trafficking charges mark significant chapters in this disturbing narrative.


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