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Exclusive hotel boasts secret ‘Mystery room’ with password access



A hidden gem at Arizona Biltmore hotel leaves guests puzzled and intrigued

In the realm of exclusive hotels, where luxury often takes center stage, the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix has taken exclusivity to a whole new level with its secretive ‘mystery room.’ Unlike any other accommodation experience, gaining entry into this enigmatic space requires more than just a reservation – it demands a secret password known to only a select few.

Situated discreetly on the hotel’s second floor, this mysterious enclave has been the subject of hushed conversations for years. Its origins trace back to the Prohibition era, a clandestine speakeasy crafted by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright nearly 93 years ago. The room emerged eight months after the infamous stock market crash and nine years into Prohibition – a nationwide ban on all things alcoholic from 1920 to 1933.

Today, the ‘mystery room’ at Arizona Biltmore continues to captivate guests with its elusive nature. Limited to only 40 occupants at a time, it now features as a highlight in exclusive ‘hotel mystery tours,’ and intimate cocktail nights can be arranged for those seeking an even more personalized encounter.

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Historian Ashley Johnson, entrusted with guiding historic tours on the property, sheds light on the room’s shadowy past. “The stories handed down suggest that there were no official records of this room due to its illegality,” Johnson remarks. Aptly named the ‘Mystery Room,’ it was deliberately kept off the books, fostering an air of secrecy that persists to this day.

The challenge lies in distinguishing fact from folklore, as Johnson explains, “It can be challenging to separate fact from speculation—or downright fantasy.”

To step into this clandestine realm, guests must possess the elusive password, adding an element of exclusivity that intrigues and mystifies. The ‘Mystery Room’ stands as a testament to an era gone by, embracing its Prohibition roots while maintaining an aura of secrecy that continues to captivate those fortunate enough to unravel its mysteries.

Unlock the door to a bygone era and experience the allure of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel’s secret ‘Mystery Room,’ where luxury and secrecy intertwine in a truly exclusive encounter.


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