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Exclusive: DIY magic turns humble home into £175,000 property powerhouse!



Prepare to be amazed by the incredible DIY skills of Charlotte and Bobby Buckingham, a dynamic duo from Brighton who’ve turned their £436,000 three-bedroom house into an absolute showstopper worth an estimated £620,000!

Since taking ownership in June 2021, this industrious couple, aged 32 and 35, dove into a £60,000 renovation frenzy that touched almost every inch of their 1930s abode. Picture this: a revamped lounge, a revamped hallway, a revamped utility room, and an extended kitchen-dining-living-play area sporting a unique climbing wall – just some of the highlights of their jaw-dropping makeover.

Their renovation spree spared no room except the main bathroom, which is now in the queue for a stunning transformation in the new year.

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Every corner of the house received a makeover. From a freshly painted lounge to carefully crafted log storage and built-in units, to upgraded flooring using engineered wood throughout the home – the Buckinghams’ touch is evident in every detail.

The utility room saw Bobby, a landscaper by profession, reworking the plumbing to convert it from a study into a functional space. Meanwhile, upstairs witnessed a complete overhaul with revamped bedrooms, bespoke wardrobes, and their very own creation: a ‘floating bed.’

However, the real transformation happened at the rear of the property. What used to be a conventional setup housing a bedroom, kitchen, and old lean-to conservatory now stands as the social heart of their home.

“We knocked down walls, demolished old structures, and built a striking extension with chic black bi-folds and an exposed steel beam,” explains Charlotte, a physiotherapist. “Our DIY ethos made it possible – from a corner outdoor sofa to built-in wardrobes, we’ve handcrafted many elements due to budget constraints.”

Their kitchen underwent a remarkable revamp too. “We relocated the kitchen, installed a stunning floor-to-ceiling opaque window, and added unique touches like DIY plywood worktops, a media wall, a climbing wall, and bespoke furniture crafted from scaffold boards,” Charlotte adds.

But the garden wasn’t left behind in their renovation spree. A breakdown of their spending reveals a hefty £15,000 for existing home improvements, £35,000 for the extension, and another £10,000 for the garden overhaul.

“We literally shifted tons of soil, reshaped the landscape, and created various zones – from a lush lawn area to dedicated spots for outdoor dining, a vegetable patch, and a separate kids’ garden,” shares Charlotte, hinting at future plans for an outdoor kitchen and pergola.

However, this extraordinary transformation came with sacrifices. “It was a year of relentless work. Bobby toiled on weekends and evenings while I pitched in, even during my pregnancy,” reflects Charlotte. “Juggling our jobs, childcare, and renovations was intense, especially when our second child arrived amidst the chaos.”

Despite the sacrifices, the couple treasures their hard-earned dream home. “Yes, it demanded a lot, but the result is a space we cherish, a space that’s become a gathering hub for family and friends,” Charlotte beams.

Their home has become a talking point among guests, with praise showered on the striking pitched roof and the expansive patio that seamlessly extends the living space. “The extension area is our favourite – it’s where life happens, where the family gathers and enjoys every moment,” Charlotte shares fondly.

Surprisingly, this experience has sparked a new desire in the Buckinghams. “We’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved. This project brought us closer and ignited a passion to do it all over again,” Charlotte says, revealing their aspirations to venture into building from scratch someday.

So, there you have it! The Buckingham story, a tale of hard work, dedication, and DIY prowess that transformed a house into a dream haven – all in the bustling town of Brighton!


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