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Employees hilariously school manager who banned wage talks: “Love, $10.50 an hour shelly” strikes back



Manager’s attempt to stifle wage discussions backfires as employees unleash witty response

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A manager’s attempt to ban employees from discussing wages took an unexpected turn when a group of workers responded with a genius and hilarious clapback.

The manager’s notice, adorned with the imposing headline “ATTENTION ALL SUBORDINATES,” declared an immediate ban on wage discussions, both on and off duty, citing it as proprietary information protected by law. The notice issued a stern warning of disciplinary action, including termination, for those caught engaging in or overhearing such conversations. Adding a touch of intimidation, it reminded employees that Kentucky is an at-will state, allowing termination for any reason or even without any reason.

In response to this draconian policy, employees didn’t shy away but instead crafted a witty and informative letter that has since gone viral. The letter included three different links to actual labor laws permitting wage discussions among colleagues. Addressing the manager, playfully nicknamed ‘Jer-Bear,’ the employees pointed out the illegality of such prohibitions and subtly hinted at the manager’s lack of research skills.

The icing on the cake came in the form of a list detailing each employee’s hourly wage, signed by “Love, $10.50 an hour Shelly.” The letter humorously concluded with an invitation for other employees to share their wages publicly.

Social media users have praised the employees for their clever response, with one X (formerly Twitter) user exclaiming, “Jesus Christ, they can fire with no reason?! GET OUT. NO ONE DESERVES TO WORK LIKE THIS.” Another hailed “10.50 an hour Shelly” as a hero, and a third expressed the hope that Shelly would find a new job with better pay.

As the story gains traction, the ball is now in ‘Jer-Bear’s’ court, and social media eagerly awaits any response.


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