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Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Emmerdale star moves to EastEnders after ”Emotional Goodbye”



Jack Deslandes transitions from ITV’s Emmerdale to BBC’s Eastenders, bringing his writing expertise to a new team after a heartfelt farewell

Jack Deslandes, a talented writer for ITV’s Emmerdale, said a fond farewell as he moved to work with the team behind EastEnders. He wrapped up his work on Emmerdale a few months ago, but last week marked the final time his credits rolled on the ITV soap. He expressed his emotions about the move through a heartfelt blog post.

“Last week, my 144th and final credit rolled over the familiar strings of Emmerdale farm,” Deslandes wrote. Despite already working for EastEnders for over four months, he found it “strange” to see the Emmerdale episodes he worked on air from afar. Comparing it to “watching an ex finish the marathon they were training for,” he admitted feeling proud yet aware that his new EastEnders team may not appreciate him reminiscing too much.

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Deslandes reflected fondly on the memorable storylines he helped shape at Emmerdale, including the love triangle involving Vanessa, Suzy, and Mary, Charles and Manpreet’s engagement, and Matty and Amy’s wedding. His time there taught him how to write quickly, collaborate with writers, and pitch stories effectively.

“It was a journey,” Deslandes explained. He learned how to write story arcs efficiently, polish scripts quickly, and effectively pitch ideas to producers. He praised the supportive environment at Emmerdale, crediting his colleagues for helping him grow in his storytelling abilities.

Both Emmerdale and EastEnders air in similar prime-time slots. From Monday to Thursday, they compete directly at 7:30 p.m., with Emmerdale extending to 8 p.m. on Thursdays. EastEnders takes a break on Fridays, providing viewers with four episodes per week. The intense competition between the two shows extends beyond screen time, as they often vie for prestigious awards.


Jack Deslandes’ transition from Emmerdale to EastEnders marks an important industry move. The rivalry between the two soaps is intense, and Deslandes’ decision exemplifies how creative talent flows across competing networks. This switch indicates that even well-established writers seek fresh challenges in different settings.

The move may also hint at evolving storytelling trends in British soaps. Deslandes’ skills will likely bring a unique influence to EastEnders, blending his Emmerdale experience into the BBC series’ style. This transition will be watched closely by fans eager to see what impact his writing will have on the show.

Moreover, Deslandes’ openness about his journey underlines the importance of camaraderie in writing rooms. As teams increasingly aim to produce compelling content quickly, his collaborative and effective storytelling skills will play a significant role in EastEnders’ future success.


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