Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Emma Vu’s nightmare journey on Alaska Airlines – Door blows off mid-flight, panic ensues



Close call at 16,000 feet: Alaska Airlines passenger’s terrifying mid-air ordeal unfolds

In a harrowing incident aboard Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, passenger Emma Vu shared her heart-stopping experience when the exit row door of the Boeing 737-9 MAX suddenly blew off at 16,000 feet. Vu, who goes by @shwimshady on TikTok, took to social media to recount the ordeal and revealed the distressing text messages she sent to her parents, fearing they could be her last.

Vu, one of the 171 passengers en route from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, described the moment of terror when the entire plane dropped suddenly. In a series of panicked messages to her parents, she expressed her fear and pleaded for prayers, unsure of the unfolding chaos.

“I am so scared right now. Please pray for me. Please, I don’t want to die,” Vu’s frantic messages read.

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Despite the dramatic situation, Vu expressed gratitude towards two compassionate fellow passengers and the supportive flight attendants who helped calm her during the crisis. The plane swiftly turned back to Portland after the door incident, and all passengers were safely deplaned with the assistance of paramedics.

While Vu mentioned receiving “free snacks” and a compensated flight with extra legroom, the airline later reached out to passengers with an apology and compensation, including $1,500 for any inconvenience caused. Alaska Airlines assured a thorough investigation into the incident, acknowledging the distress it caused to passengers.

In a peculiar turn, the investigation revealed that the door plug ended up in a Portland school teacher’s backyard. Consequently, Alaska Airlines made the decision to ground its entire fleet of Max-9 aircraft.

As authorities delve into the details of the incident, passengers await further updates and reassurance from the airline. Emma Vu’s chilling account serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability that can unfold even at cruising altitudes.


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