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Sky drama: 171 Boeing aircrafts grounded in US as hole tears open passenger plane mid-air



Chaos in the skies: 171 Boeing 737 max 9 jets grounded in the US after Alaska Airlines incident

The drama unfolded as this aircraft, bustling with 177 passengers and crew, faced an unexpected twist shortly after departing from Portland, Oregon, forcing an emergency landing. Miraculously, the flight touched down safely back in Portland.

But here’s the kicker: there’s no immediate clue about the cause behind this jaw-dropping structural failure. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has swiftly grounded specific Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft operated by US airlines or within US territory, with no injuries reported.

Hold tight—each aircraft needs four to eight hours of thorough inspections, as confirmed by United Airlines, who swiftly complied with the FAA’s directives on their 79 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes.

Boeing Aircraft

The fallout? Brace for around 60 cancellations on Saturday due to these essential inspections, confirmed United Airlines. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines’ CEO, Ben Minicucci, pulled the plug on 65 planes, prioritising a complete safety overhaul before their service return.

There’s some relief, though—over a quarter of these jets passed inspections with flying colours and are set to soar once again, with no issues found, as stated by the airline in a subsequent announcement.

Boeing’s response? They’re all about safety, expressing regret over the ripple effect this incident caused for customers and passengers. Now, they’re joining hands with the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the Alaska Airlines ordeal.


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