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Emily Atack faces cruel mum-shaming amid pregnancy announcement: fans allege ‘dangerous’ behavior



The inbetweeners star receives criticism over pregnancy revelation as fans question October holiday post

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British actress and comedian Emily Atack, renowned for her role in The Inbetweeners, has been subjected to cruel mum-shaming following her pregnancy announcement. Fans have raised concerns about what they perceive as ‘dangerous’ behavior, pointing to a holiday post from October where Atack appeared to enjoy certain foods and beverages, including a glass of wine.

Emily Atack, 34, recently disclosed that she is expecting her first child with scientist boyfriend Dr. Alistair Garner. Despite being photographed with Garner for the first time in September, Atack managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for five months, unveiling the exciting news to fans on Saturday.

In October, during a holiday in Palermo, Sicily, Atack shared posts on Instagram featuring meals, including shellfish and a glass of wine. Fans quickly took notice, expressing concern over the apparent consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. While it remains unclear if the drinks were indeed alcoholic, followers voiced their worries.

Some followers commented on the holiday post, expressing their concerns about the potential risks to the unborn child. One fan pointed out the timing, stating, “If you’re 5 months pregnant and pics of you less than 2 months ago eating shellfish and drinking wine, really hoping you didn’t know.” Others defended Atack, sending congratulations and advising her to ignore negative comments from the ‘mum police.’

The actress revealed her pregnancy in an emotional post, describing the mix of emotions she is experiencing. Emily shared the news with a humorous touch, expressing both happiness and fear while detailing the physical challenges of pregnancy. She thanked fans for their support and acknowledged the inevitable criticism from certain quarters.

As Emily Atack embarks on this new chapter in her life, she faces scrutiny over her past actions during the early stages of pregnancy. Fans remain divided, with some expressing concern and others offering support. Atack’s ability to navigate the challenges of public scrutiny during pregnancy adds another layer to her exciting journey to motherhood.


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