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Eastenders’ Keanu Taylor teases future: Six-word response to Christmas murder



For months, EastEnders followers were on edge, speculating on who’d meet their demise in the Christmas Day murder plot. The highly anticipated reveal came: Keanu Taylor, portrayed by Danny Walters, met a tragic end, stabbed by Linda Carter after his attempt on Sharon Watts’ life. In the wake of his stunning exit, Danny took to X (formerly Twitter) to express gratitude: “Thank you for all the love and support over the years. Time to wear a different costume.”

His heartfelt message triggered a wave of responses. Sharon Marshall, a scriptwriter for the show, praised his talent and shared well-wishes. Fans chimed in, expressing sorrow for Keanu’s fate and wishing Danny success in his future endeavors.

The BBC soap’s efforts to keep Keanu’s exit under wraps were elaborate, involving multiple endings and secrecy tactics. Chris Clenshaw, an EastEnders boss, emphasized their measures to preserve the Christmas Day reveal, underscoring the audience’s love for real-time drama.

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The mystery surrounding the exit extended to filming, with actors unaware of the outcome. Rocky Cotton, played by Brian Conley, confessed to being clueless about the conclusion, hinting at numerous scenes filmed to maintain secrecy. Danny Walters was spotted filming future scenes alongside Jacqueline Jossa, hinting that his character wasn’t the one found in the Queen Vic pub.

Additional scenes, seemingly depicting Keanu’s departure from the UK after Sharon’s son’s kidnap plot, turned out to be misleading, adding to the intrigue surrounding the character’s exit.


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