Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

DJ Khaled’s peculiar celebration steals spotlight as son wins student of the month



Internet abuzz as DJ Khaled’s gesture sparks controversy at son’s school assembly

DJ Khaled is facing backlash after an unconventional reaction to his son winning the ‘Student of the Month’ award at school. While most parents would applaud from their seats, DJ Khaled took it a step further by getting up, walking to the front, and giving his son an enthusiastic hug, a move that has ignited a social media storm.

Critics argue that the DJ’s grand gesture stole the spotlight from his son’s achievement. Online comments flooded in, with one sarcastically suggesting, “This man gonna give a speech at his own funeral.” Another commenter implied that Khaled should have remained in his seat, writing, “Proceeds to steal the entire moment from his son by getting up and walking to the stage.”

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However, not everyone is critical of the DJ’s actions. Some defended him, suggesting that perhaps he just wanted to personally congratulate his son. One supporter commented, “Are you telling a father how to congratulate his son? Some parents don’t even show up for events like this.”

Perspective played a role in the debate, with one person emphasizing, “That’s your perspective. You see him as ‘DJ Khaled’. All he sees is ‘My dad is so excited by my achievement he came up and hugged me in front of everyone’.”

This controversy follows DJ Khaled’s recent revelation about changing his DJ name in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York. Formerly using the name ‘Arab Attack,’ Khaled opted for a switch out of respect for those affected by the tragic events. Shedding light on his decision, he stated, “I’m not about no violence and I’m not about beef, but in our music, sometimes we have to tell stories, real-life stories. But personally, as a person, I like to keep love and peace as much as you can in this world, you know?”

As the social media frenzy continues, DJ Khaled finds himself at the center of a debate over parenting styles and the appropriate level of enthusiasm at a school assembly.


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