Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Defiant Judge orders attacker’s presence ‘by any means necessary’ following vicious assault



Clark County district Judge Mary Kay Holthus demands defendant’s appearance despite assault

In a remarkable display of resilience, Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus, who was viciously attacked by defendant Deobra Delone Redden in a Las Vegas courtroom, has issued an order demanding Redden’s appearance ‘by any and all means necessary’. The shocking assault occurred during a court hearing, leading to Redden’s arrest on multiple felony charges, including battery on a protected person.

During the January 3 court session, Redden, previously convicted of domestic battery, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of attempted battery causing substantial bodily harm. As Holthus expressed her intent to impose incarceration, Redden charged towards the judge, initiating a brawl that involved court officials and officers. The defendant was promptly arrested and is now facing additional charges for the assault.

While Holthus suffered minor injuries, a courtroom marshal was taken to the hospital with a gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder. Chief county district attorney Richard Scow emphasized the rapid and unpredictable nature of the attack, praising the heroic efforts of those who intervened. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson expressed gratitude that the judge was unharmed, acknowledging the violent behavior displayed by the defendant and anticipating consequences.

Holthus, demonstrating resilience, returned to work later that week. In a surprising turn of events, she issued a court order on January 5, instructing officers to bring Redden to court ‘by any and all means necessary’. The bold move underscores Holthus’s commitment to upholding the legal process despite the traumatic incident.

Amid ongoing investigations, court spokesperson Mary Ann Price confirmed a review of protocols to enhance the safety of the judiciary, the public, and court employees. The incident has sparked conversations about courtroom security and the measures needed to safeguard the legal proceedings.


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