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Friday July 19, 2024
Friday July 19, 2024

David Beckham rips iconic purple wedding suit as he and Victoria mark 25th anniversary



The Beckhams recreate their wedding day outfits from 1999, with some humorous wardrobe malfunction

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by revisiting their iconic wedding day outfits. The former footballer, now 49, and the former Spice Girls member, now 50, donned their famous purple ensembles from their 1999 nuptials at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland.

Victoria shared a playful moment on her Instagram Story, capturing David struggling to fit into his purple suit. His waistcoat even appeared to rip, causing laughter among those present. Victoria humorously captioned the video with a laughing emoji and the words, “Still fits him too.”

The couple shared a joint post featuring a photo shoot where they modelled their wedding outfits. The caption read, “Yep, still got it!” Victoria also tried on her Antonio Berardi bridal gown, but the zip on her purple dress broke, leading to a comedic moment where their daughter Harper, 12, and a friend assisted in fixing it.

Their youngest son, Cruz Beckham, 19, couldn’t resist trying on his father’s suit, sharing the moment with his followers and joking, “The suit fits me.”

Ahead of their anniversary, David and Victoria expressed their love for their four children, including Brooklyn, 25, and Romeo, 21, in a heartfelt message, “We love you so much.”


Political: The Beckham anniversary celebration does not directly relate to political themes. However, the public interest and media attention they attract can highlight the influence of celebrity culture on public discourse and social norms.

Social: This event underscores the enduring appeal of celebrity couples and their impact on societal trends. The Beckhams’ playful recreation of their wedding day outfits showcases their strong bond and sense of humour, resonating with fans who admire long-lasting relationships.

Racial: While the article does not explicitly address racial issues, the Beckhams’ global influence includes promoting diversity and inclusion through their respective platforms in fashion, sports, and entertainment.

Gender: The playful nature of David and Victoria’s interactions challenges traditional gender roles, showing both partners engaging in light-hearted moments and supporting each other. This narrative supports evolving perceptions of gender dynamics within marriages.

Economic: The Beckhams’ anniversary celebration highlights their continued relevance and economic influence in fashion and media. Their ability to attract significant public and media attention contributes to their brand’s economic success and cultural impact.


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