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David Attenborough’s “Mammals” reveals harsh realities of fennec foxes in the Sahara



The premier episode of Attenborough’s latest series “Mammals” showcases the elusive fennec foxes, ending in a poignant revelation of their cruel fate

David Attenborough’s latest documentary series, “Mammals,” delves into the lives of various creatures, with its first episode providing a rare glimpse into the secretive world of the Sahara Desert’s fennec foxes. Despite nearing his centenary, Attenborough continues to enchant audiences with unprecedented wildlife footage, this time shedding light on the challenges faced by these diminutive desert dwellers.

In an episode that combines technical innovation with natural storytelling, the “Mammals” team employed remote cameras and drones to capture the nocturnal lives of fennec foxes, known for their elusive nature and remarkably sensitive hearing. This painstaking effort to document the foxes culminated in a sombre discovery: the death of the animals the crew had come to know, believed to have been killed for sport, their bodies discarded at an abandoned hunting camp.

This tragic turn in the documentary underscored the broader threats these animals face, from poaching to the illegal pet trade. The emotional impact of this loss was palpable, with crew members expressing their grief and frustration over the senseless killing of the foxes they had filmed and grown to admire.

Beyond the fennec foxes, “Mammals” explored other species adapted to live in darkness, showcasing the diverse strategies animals employ to thrive in nocturnal and lightless environments. From the intricate mating rituals of armadillos to the predatory prowess of the Etruscan shrew, the smallest known land mammal, the series illuminates the hidden lives of creatures that roam the night.

As “Mammals” continues its journey through the animal kingdom, viewers are offered a stark reminder of the beauty and brutality of nature, with Attenborough’s narration lending both wonder and weight to the tale of survival in the wild.


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