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Danielle Harold dispels Pete Wicks romance speculations: ‘Just good friends!



I’m a celeb’s Danielle Harold shuts down Pete Wicks romance rumors on loose women!

The jungle buzz hasn’t cooled down as Danielle Harold faces the heat over rumored sparks with Pete Wicks, thrust into the spotlight after her exit from the ITV show. The ex-EastEnders star sparked tabloid flames when spotted in a Queensland bar, allegedly cozying up to Pete alongside other I’m A Celeb crew.

According to whispers from an unnamed source to The Sun, Danielle even hopped on Pete’s back, fueling speculation. Snapshots of the pair together added fuel to the fire.

Setting the record straight, the Lola Pearce-Brown actress shared her take on the rumors, clarifying her rapport with Pete on Loose Women. “I know Pete from outside [I’m A Celebrity],” she revealed, highlighting her bond with Sam Thompson. “Me and Pete are just good friends. Have been for years, but we’ve been having a good giggle about it.”

Pete himself chimed in on the podcast Staying Relevant, addressing the swirling rumors with a touch of humor. “I just want to point out that I didn’t [blank] anyone’s wife,” he jested, with Sam joining in, hilariously noting Pete’s various alleged links to almost every female presence in the vicinity.

As the rumors swirl and the gossip mill churns, it seems Pete’s becoming the magnet for speculation while Danielle clears the air about their close friendship. Looks like the jungle drama continues, keeping fans hooked on every twist and turn!


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