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Critically acclaimed Korean space series ‘The Silent Sea’ continues to haunt viewers as one of Netflix’s most underrated gems



Gripping Sci-Fi drama, still echoing two years later, sparks hope for second season amidst rumors and viewer demand

Released on Netflix in December 2021, the Korean-language series “The Silent Sea” has become a lingering sensation, captivating audiences with its terrifying depiction of a perilous lunar mission. Despite its popularity and critical acclaim, the eight-episode series is yet to confirm a second season, leaving fans eager for more of its suspenseful narrative.

Starring Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-tae, known for their roles in the widely acclaimed “Squid Game,” alongside Bae Doona from “Sense8,” the series unfolds during a high-stakes 24-hour mission on the moon. The plot centers on space explorers attempting to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility laden with classified secrets.

With an impressive 80 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, “The Silent Sea” has garnered praise for its stellar cast, engaging storyline, and stunning visuals. Fans on Netflix Bangers have recently reignited discussions about the series, expressing their love for the show and anticipating a potential second season.

Comments from viewers include sentiments like “Loved it!!,” “The only great series I can remember,” and “It was stunning.” Despite the positive reception, some expressed disappointment at the lack of a confirmed second season. However, there is hope, as Netflix referred to the show as “season one” rather than a “limited series,” leaving room for speculation about future developments.

Gong Yoo, one of the series’ lead actors, previously expressed optimism about the show’s impact, stating, “I think that this is a meaningful first step for the specifically Korean space sci-fi genre.” While no official confirmation of a second season has been made, the continued interest from viewers and Netflix’s choice of terminology keep the possibility alive.

As fans eagerly await news of the series’ fate, “The Silent Sea” remains available for streaming on Netflix, continuing to attract audiences seeking a thrilling and underrated space drama.


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