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Coronation street tonight: Carla’s shocking nephew surprise unveiled!



In tonight’s Coronation Street, get ready for a whirlwind of surprises and drama that’ll leave you hooked!

First up, Carla’s in for a shocker when an unexpected visitor, Bobby, knocks on her door. Turns out, this lad claims to be the offspring of none other than Rob Donovan, leaving Carla gobsmacked. Before she falls for Bobby’s sob story, a call from Rob himself sheds light on the situation. Carla, caught in the midst of this family whirlwind, offers Bobby a temporary stay but sets her own ground rules. Has Carla opened Pandora’s box with this newfound relation?

Meanwhile, the truth behind the burglary surfaces, but Ed seems to be playing his cards close to his chest. Craig’s on the case, and when Michael receives a heartfelt gift that turns out to be the stolen item, things start to unravel. Will Ed come clean about his involvement?

On another corner of the street, Paul’s battling some serious back pain. With his regular PA out of reach, a new face, Moses, steps in to save the day. Despite Paul’s initial disappointment, Moses’s magic touch works wonders. But will this dynamic change Paul’s professional setup?

In a twisty turn of events, Cassie’s causing quite a stir. When a scratch appears on a customer’s Porsche, fingers point, and Abi’s in the hot seat. But is Cassie playing puppet master, spinning tales to frame Abi? Will Kevin buy into her deception, or will Roy step in to reveal the real story?

And amidst it all, Eliza’s struggling to cope since her dad’s sudden disappearance. Stu realizes the gravity of his mistake and reaches out to Dom in a bid to make things right. Will Dom answer the call and return to soothe Eliza’s distress?

Tonight’s episode is packed with revelations, tensions, and a whole lot of unexpected twists that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for the Street’s rollercoaster ride!


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