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Coronation street tonight: Carla’s shock as Peter keeps a secret date



Coronation street tonight: Carla’s shocking discovery and Jenny’s plea for cash

Tonight’s Coronation Street episode promises Carla Connor’s startling revelation about husband Peter Barlow’s secret. As she uncovers his hidden activities, tensions escalate in their relationship. How will Carla react to this revelation about Peter’s clandestine actions?

Elsewhere, tensions soar when Tony demands his loan back from cash-strapped Ed, causing distress in the already strained financial situation. Additionally, Cassie devises a plan for Evelyn’s Christmas, causing unexpected ripples in their holiday arrangements.

Simultaneously, Jenny turns to Carla with a plea for financial aid in a bid to rescue the Rovers, while Ryan bids an emotional farewell to Weatherfield. Is this goodbye the last we’ll see of Ryan? Tune in to find out the latest on Coronation Street tonight.


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