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Coronation Street drama: Fans anticipate Daisy and Jenny’s comeuppance for swiping Carla’s cash!



In Coronation Street’s latest twist: Daisy and Jenny steal Carla’s cash for pub buyout

In the latest Coronation Street episode, Daisy and Jenny made a daring move, using stolen money from Carla to secure the purchase of the pub.

Their scheming began when Daisy successfully cracked Stephen’s accounts, seizing the Underworld money for herself. Upon revealing this to Jenny, tensions rose, but Jenny’s mood lifted upon learning that Daisy hadn’t actually stolen Stephen’s journal but salvaged it from the trash.

As Daisy proposed buying the pub with the ill-gotten gains, Jenny hesitated but eventually caved in, driven by a refusal from Carla to lend her money. Determined to repay Carla before detection, Jenny and Daisy gleefully celebrated their newfound wealth to buy the Rovers.

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Coronation Street fans, however, predict an imminent downfall for the duo. Speculation mounts that their shady deal will soon unravel, especially once Carla and others question their sudden wealth, setting the stage for their comeuppance.

Social media erupted with predictions of impending karma, with fans foreseeing Carla’s fury and the inevitable exposure of Daisy and Jenny’s misdeeds.

As anticipation grows for the reopening of the iconic pub and Daisy and Jenny revel in their success, the looming question remains: will their underhanded tactics be exposed, leading to their ultimate downfall? Stay tuned for the drama to unfold on the cobbles!


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