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Coronation Street star Chris Harper confirms return to Cobbles while continuing role in Call the Midwife



Actor to reprise role of Nathan Curtis in ITV soap, reveals future plans for both shows

Chris Harper has confirmed his return to Coronation Street as he is set to reprise his role as Nathan Curtis, the man who groomed Bethany Platt several years ago. Alongside this, Harper has also assured fans of his continued presence in the cast of Call the Midwife.

Nathan Curtis was last seen in Weatherfield more than six years ago when he was imprisoned in 2017 after grooming Bethany as part of a sex trafficking scheme. Despite this, it’s been six years since his character was last seen in person, as he was featured in a vision experienced by Bethany.

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In his return to Coronation Street, Bethany, played by Lucy Fallon, spots Nathan at the reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements, igniting a whirlwind of emotions in her. Discovering that Nathan was released from prison some time ago and is working on a nearby building site, Bethany becomes convinced that he could be linked to Lauren’s suspected murder.

Speaking about Nathan’s character development after prison, Harper stated, “I really don’t think prison has reformed him in the slightest… He’s hardened, he’s trickier, he’s starting again so the stakes are higher for him.” He added that Nathan is furious at having been caught and is more manipulative than ever.

Bethany is quick to accuse Nathan of Lauren’s murder, drawing from similarities in her behavior before her disappearance and her own experiences with Nathan. Harper believes that Nathan’s ruthless behavior and Bethany’s past vulnerabilities indicate his possible involvement in the crime.

Despite his return to Coronation Street, Harper continues his role as Geoffrey Franklin in Call the Midwife, where he plays Trixie Franklin’s brother. He assured fans that they will see more of Geoffrey in the show’s Christmas special this year.

Asked about Nathan’s attitude towards the police, Harper explained, “He still feels like he’s above the law, that he can outthink it and outwork it. He thinks on his feet and he believes his charm is irrepressible. He’s deluded but he thinks he’s safe as long as he stays clever.”

Harper’s portrayal of Nathan and Geoffrey in both shows offers a stark contrast, with Nathan representing the darker side of humanity and Geoffrey being a ray of sunshine and positivity. Fans can look forward to seeing Harper’s dynamic performances in both Coronation Street and Call the Midwife in the coming months


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