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Colin Salmon discusses his toughest EastEnders scenes as George Knight



Eastenders’ Colin Salmon shares insights into the emotional challenges of portraying George Knight during pivotal storyline moments

Colin Salmon, portraying George Knight on EastEnders, recently opened up about the emotionally taxing scenes that have challenged him the most during his tenure on the show. Since joining the cast as the co-owner of the Queen Vic, his character has navigated complex familial revelations and personal turmoil, leaving Salmon to tackle some of the series’ most intense dramatic moments.

Salmon’s character, George, has been central to a poignant storyline involving his adoptive father, Eddie, who was revealed to have murdered George’s biological father in a racially motivated attack many years ago. The subsequent trial and conviction of Eddie brought further emotional upheaval when George’s adoptive mother, Gloria, suffered a fatal heart attack. These events have pushed George to confront painful truths and deal with significant loss.

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In an interview with What to Watch, Salmon shared his experience with specific scenes that proved particularly difficult. One such scene occurs during a conversation in the café on his screen daughter Gina’s birthday, where George grapples with acknowledging Eddie’s racism while still expressing gratitude for the life his adoptive parents provided. Another challenging moment was a confrontation where George wished death upon Eddie, a line that Salmon found distressing to deliver.

Reflecting on his role, Salmon highlighted the importance of authenticity in his performance, especially when interacting with Chris Fairbank, who played Eddie. Fairbank’s commitment to portraying a deeply flawed character helped Salmon navigate his own role’s emotional depth and complexity.

Adding another layer to his character’s journey, George has turned to underground fighting as a means of coping with his anger and pain, a path that Salmon describes as a form of self-harm. This storyline underscores George’s need for emotional and psychological healing, beyond the physical release he seeks through fighting.

Salmon’s revelations provide a window into the challenges actors face when dealing with heavy, complex storylines, particularly in a long-standing soap opera like EastEnders where character development is deeply intertwined with intense personal dramas.

EastEnders continues to explore these intricate dynamics, airing Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM on BBC One, with episodes also available early on BBC iPlayer. This narrative, rich with conflict and resilience, promises more compelling developments for George Knight as he seeks redemption and recovery.


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