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Christmas heist: Woman nabs $175,000 winning lottery ticket in office festive game



White elephant gift swap takes surprising turn as Kentucky woman scores big

In an unexpected twist during an office Christmas party game, a woman from Kentucky successfully seized a winning lottery ticket worth $175,000. The festive event at Harmon Dental Centre turned into a lottery jackpot celebration for Lori Janes, the fortunate participant in this office Christmas caper.

The incident unfolded during the white elephant gift exchange, also known as dirty Santa or Yankee swap, where colleagues engage in a secret Santa-style gift process. Participants, in this case, from Harmon Dental Centre, placed their gifts in the middle, opting for a lucky dip rather than traditional gift-giving. The game allows individuals to choose a wrapped gift or ‘steal’ a present someone else has unwrapped.

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Lori Janes, the office manager, initially received a $25 TJ Maxx voucher, only to have it ‘stolen’ by a fellow coworker. Disappointed but undeterred, the game rules provided Janes with an opportunity to swap her gift for any other player’s present at the end of the round.

Janes strategically opted for $25 worth of lottery tickets, a decision that proved to be a stroke of luck. The first ticket secured her a $50 win, but it was the ‘Hit The Jackpot’ ticket that left everyone astonished – a whopping $175,000 windfall.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Janes shared her disbelief, stating, “It was a $25 gift exchange, and I won $175,000!” Her colleagues joined the excitement, verifying the win through lottery apps and calculators.

Upon confirming her win, Janes promptly called her family to share the incredible news. Despite initial skepticism, the reality sank in, leading her husband to recount, “We figured she didn’t look at it right, but then we heard people in the background celebrating, it became real.”

Janes, accompanied by her husband and kids, visited the lottery headquarters to claim her prize. After taxes, she walked away with a check for $124,250. Expressing her plans for the windfall, Janes revealed intentions to pay off her daughter’s student loans and clear their car loans.

This unexpected Christmas windfall turned a seemingly routine gift exchange into a memorable jackpot moment for Lori Janes and her colleagues at Harmon Dental Centre.


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