Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Chinese spaceplane, ‘Shenlong,’ tracked by six mysterious objects transmitting cryptic signals



Unexplained signals emitted as Chinese spaceplane releases mysterious wingmen, sparking speculation

China’s secretive spaceplane, named Shenlong, has stirred intrigue as it embarks on its third mission, accompanied by six enigmatic objects emitting repeating signals. Launched on December 14, the mission’s purpose remains vague, with Chinese state media offering limited details, stating its objective as “reusable technology verification and space science experiments.” However, the inclusion of six mysterious objects following the spacecraft has raised questions and drawn attention from amateur astronomers.

Amateur astronomer and satellite tracker Scott Tilley identified and tracked the six unidentified objects, labeling them ‘A’ through ‘F.’ These objects, resembling drones, were released from Shenlong four days into the mission. Tilley observed that these “mysterious wingmen” emitted signals, with Object A displaying modulated signals containing limited data. The signals, though unclear in content, have sparked speculation and interest among observers.

Tilley’s findings have prompted discussions about potential clandestine ground stations, particularly on the west coast of North America or aboard a ship. While the purpose and content of the signals remain unknown, observers note that the signals from the mysterious objects are strongest over North America.

This marks the third time that Shenlong has released objects during its missions, continuing its pattern of deploying additional elements into orbit. The previous objects were speculated to be service modules or small satellites used for monitoring the spaceplane. As the mystery unfolds, the space community remains intrigued, monitoring the signals and developments surrounding Shenlong’s unconventional mission.


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