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Chestnut Bakery: The best upcoming London bakery where the art of breadmaking has been perfected!



Chestnut Bakery’s flourishing odyssey: The epic tale of rising beyond the oven

Chestnut Bakery began as a dream to bring back the authentic bakery experience!

Situated at 17-21 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia – a district in Central London, where streets are lined with terraced stucco townhouses and garden squares, Chestnut Bakery is a place where the historical grandeur meets the modern pulse of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, standing as a culinary beacon of excellence. Awarded the Best Croissant UK 2023, this artisan haven is more than a bakery. Chestnut Bakery is a testament to the timeless art of baking, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern innovation.

From London to Riyadh, Chestnut Bakery has expanded to three outlets, two in London and one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, transcending geographic and culinary boundaries. Each location is not just a point on a map, but a gateway to an immersive experience in the art of baking.
Here, every loaf tells a tale, every pastry holds a secret, and every bite is a journey of delightful flavours and textures.

Every visit invites you into a world where the humble loaf of bread narrates the story of dedication and passion, and where the whisper of each pastry reveals the baker’s touch, honed to perfection. This journey is not just about exploring the world of baking—it is an odyssey into the heart of cultural convergence and culinary genius.

In the flourishing era of breadmaking, Chestnut’s artisans skillfully produce a superior substitute to the common supermarket loaf, embracing the significance of this fundamental nourishment. They see bread as more than just sustenance; for them, it embodies the essence of home, the warmth of family, the joy of friendship, and the spirit of community.

Their vision for the future is anchored in the belief that the art of breadmaking is an ever-evolving journey, one that blends time-honoured techniques with cutting-edge culinary trends. Looking ahead, Chestnut Bakery aspires to be at the forefront of this evolution, expanding its global footprint while maintaining the heart and soul of a local neighbourhood bakery.

They envision a future where each bakery location is not just a store but a cherished community space, a hub for sustainable practices, and a source of culinary inspiration. Chestnut Bakery is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of baking, exploring new flavours, and bringing diverse culinary cultures together, all while staying true to its core values of quality, community, and environmental stewardship.

This vibrant collection ranges from the vegan delights of their Veganuary Menu to an eclectic mix of pastries, savoury dishes, and globally-inspired breads, each crafted to elevate your dining experience.

1. Croque Monsieur A true masterpiece
From the finest ingredients to meticulous craftsmanship, each treat is a labour of love

Chestnut Bakery

Pain au Chocolat
Pain au Chocolat tells a story! It embodies the artistry and mastery of French baking traditions, passed down through generations. Each golden crescent is a statement to the dedication and skill of the baker, who meticulously crafts these amazing delights

Chestnut Bakery

3. Truffle Danish pastry

Indulge in their exquisite Truffle Danish pastry with shredded parmesan cheese beautifully laid on top. A savoury delight with a crisp, flaky exterior & a rich decadent filling!

Chestnut Bakery

4. Plum Danish

This Plum Danish, filled with Vanilla cream, and topped with a baked plum glazed with Vanilla syrup is incredible. It is sprinkled with buckwheat & icing sugar!

Chestnut Bakery

5. Charcoal & Kalamata Olive Sourdough

A perfect start to your Sunday! Enjoy it toasted, as a sandwich or with a drizzle of vanilla-infused honey

Chestnut Bakery

For their detailed Menu

As they journey through the artful creations and cultural fusions at Chestnut Bakery, they extend their warm invitation to you! Go and see for yourself why they are celebrated as the best in town! With their dedication to quality, community, and a passion for baking every visit is a delightful experience. An experience that is full of flavours and exceptional hospitality. Whether it’s their cosy Belgravia location, the vibrant Covent Garden spot, or the culturally rich Riyadh bakery, the Chestnut Bakery is more than just a bakery – It’s a destination for all who love great food and great company. Join them and taste the difference for yourself!

Chestnut Bakery Locations

1. Belgravia, 17-21 Elizabeth Street, SWIW 9RP
2. Covent Garden, 24 Floral Street, WC2E 9DS
3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Pure Center, Altakhassusi Street

Website and Socials

Checkout their website: Chestnutbakery

Follow them here:



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