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Essential tips for launching a successful business podcast



Experts from the Forbes Business Council share invaluable advice to help entrepreneurs start their podcasts on the right foot

Podcasts have become a vital medium for communication, offering a platform for voices from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs. For business owners, a podcast can serve as a powerful tool to share knowledge, connect with an audience, and differentiate their brand. Recognizing the need to stand out in a saturated market, members of the Forbes Business Council have compiled a list of 20 critical tips for starting a business podcast successfully.

First and foremost, understanding the target audience is crucial. Entrepreneurs need to define their demographic precisely, understanding their preferences in content and presentation. Yasmin Walter of KMD Books emphasizes the importance of authenticity and a distinctive tone to resonate with listeners genuinely.

Chris Kille of EO Staff highlights the importance of delivering value and focusing on what sets your business apart. Consistency in content delivery and engagement with listeners through feedback and social media interactions are key factors mentioned by Mark Williams of Brokers International.

Tammy Sons from TN Nursery advises on maintaining a rich, continuous content stream to keep the audience engaged. Meanwhile, Calvin Krainock of Incline Marketing stresses the importance of having a robust distribution plan, and utilizing various marketing channels to ensure the podcast reaches its intended audience.

Practical solutions for audience-specific problems are essential, as noted by Akshay Shetty of Guidewire Software. He points out the importance of starting with impactful marketing and selecting relevant topics to maintain listener interest and drive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Diversifying guests and encouraging debates to introduce multiple perspectives is suggested by Pearl Lam of Pearl Lam Galleries, enriching the podcast content and making it more engaging for a broad audience.

The technical side of podcasting also requires attention. Joe Trusty of Pool Magazine has successfully used Buzzsprout and Zapier to automate and enhance engagement with his podcast, proving that the right tools can significantly boost a podcast’s reach and effectiveness.

Finally, maintaining high-quality content is non-negotiable. Mike Esterday of Integrity Solutions remarks that good quality content, tailored specifically to the audience and consistently delivered, is the cornerstone of a successful podcast.


Market Differentiation Perspective:

In a crowded market, standing out requires a clear understanding of what unique insights and experiences a business can offer. Entrepreneurs must leverage their unique selling points to attract and retain an audience.

Community Building Perspective:

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to build a community around shared interests and expertise. Engaging with this community through interactive content and social media can enhance listener loyalty and expand reach.

Content Strategy Perspective:

A strategic approach to content, incorporating both planning and spontaneity, can help podcasts remain relevant and engaging. Addressing timely topics and providing actionable insights can position a podcast as a valuable resource in its niche.

Technological Leverage Perspective:

Utilizing technology for distribution and engagement can significantly enhance a podcast’s reach and impact. Automation tools and analytics can help podcasters understand their audience better and tailor their content more effectively.


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