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Builder wrecks new driveway over a payment dispute with the homeowner



Builder Jesse Crowe damages newly laid driveway with a pick-axe following payment row with homeowner Viola

In a dramatic incident in Logan, Queensland, Australia, a homeowner named Viola experienced the destruction of her newly laid driveway following a payment dispute with the builder, Jesse Crowe. The dispute began when Viola paid only AUD 2,500 (approximately USD 1,750) of the agreed AUD 6,000 (around USD 4,200) price for the driveway work.

Crowe, who had been in the trade for many years, felt aggrieved after not receiving the full payment. He claimed to have always done the right thing by his customers. However, Viola had withheld the remaining AUD 3,500 (about USD 2,450), citing dissatisfaction with the job’s quality and issues with rubbish removal. She alleged that Crowe had threatened her after she complained about the work.

The situation escalated when Crowe decided to take drastic action. In a video, he demonstrated the consequences of non-payment for services rendered. Crowe and a coworker used a pick-axe to damage the freshly laid concrete driveway deliberately. The video, capturing this act of retaliation, shows them creating a large hole and continuing to damage the entire driveway, leaving it uneven and riddled with dents.

A person filming the incident advises that paying for the job would have been cheaper than repairing the extensive damage. Crowe expressed his frustration about being ripped off, despite his reluctance to destroy his own work. He emphasized his pride in his craftsmanship and his passion for concrete work.

The family residing at the property plans to repair the driveway themselves. They remain in a standoff with Crowe, who insists on being paid for his work. The dispute, which occurred last year, gained renewed attention after the video was posted online recently. Both parties are still firmly holding their ground in this unusual and destructive conflict over service payment.


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