Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Brooke Schofield denies cheating allegations against ex Matt Rife: Sets the record straight



Youtuber rejects claims of Matt Rife cheating with 20 women amid podcast controversy

In the aftermath of explosive remarks made on the “CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau” podcast, Brooke Schofield, a prominent YouTuber, is setting the record straight regarding allegations of cheating against her ex-boyfriend, Matt Rife. The podcast revealed Schofield’s experience of discovering she was part of a group chat with seven other women who claimed to have dated Rife.

While reports circulated that Schofield accused Rife of cheating on her with 20 women, she vehemently denied making such statements. In response to a Page Six article with the allegations, Schofield took to social media, stating, “No, it’s the way I absolutely never said that at all whatsoever.”

The controversy began when Rife appeared on the CANCELLED podcast earlier this year, seemingly unaware of Schofield. This led her to connect with other women through a WhatsApp chat, sharing their experiences with Rife. In the podcast, Schofield discussed confronting Rife over text, only to discover that her number had already been blocked.

It’s worth noting that these cheating allegations have not been confirmed, and Schofield is refuting the specific claim that she accused Rife of being involved with 20 women

Matt Rife, a comedian, previously faced backlash for a controversial joke during his Netflix special, involving domestic violence. Despite criticism, Matt Rife defended the joke, asserting that comedians can “say whatever.”

As the situation unfolds, the public awaits any further developments or statements from the parties involved.


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